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About the service

WeLike Novgorod Card provides free entrance to the best attractions and tours, cost-saving special offers and discounts.

The card is activated upon your first entry to a museum, and is valid for a consecutive period measured in hours (24,48 and 72 hours). During this time you have free access to an unlimited number of attractions covered by the Card. Special offers and discounts are available even after the Card has expired.

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Карта Гостя на 1 день
City&Region Card for 24 hours
500 RUB
Карта Гостя на 2 дня
City&Region Card for 48 hours
700 RUB
Карта Гостя на 3 дня
City&Region Card for 72 hours
1 000 RUB
Семейная Карта Гостя на 1 день
City&Region FamilyCard for 24 hours
1 000 RUB
Семейная Карта Гостя на 2 дня
City&Region FamilyCard for 48 hours
1 500 RUB
Семейная Карта Гостя на 3 дня
City&Region FamilyCard for 72 hours
2 000 RUB
Total: 0 RUB



Get free admission to 55+ museums in Novgorod region, save costs and enrich your travel experience!



Theatrical and sightseeing tours, walking tours, as well as excursions to museum exhibits

Special Offers

Special Offers

With extra discounts on top, WeLike Novgorod Card will help you get the maximum benefit out of your stay! Enjoy some advantageous offers from our partners: hotels, cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops and more.


WeLike Novgorod Card comes with a guidebook, giving you an insight into the best sightseeing opportunities. It offers brief descriptions of top and lesser known attractions, and is full of useful visitor information: museum locations, tour starting points, attraction opening times & contact details, etc.

You will find there some other valuable tips. A map will help you plan a flexible individual route and make the most of your stay. The guidebook is published in 2 languages (Russian/English) and contains tear-off coupons, which are exchanged for free tickets by the cashier when you are visiting a museum or a tour.

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WeLike Novgorod Card