Terms & Conditions

1. Terms of use

St Petersburg Card is a sightseeing smart card which is valid for a consecutive period in hours: 48 hours (2 Day Card), 72 hours (3 Day Card), 120 hours (5 Day Card) and 168 hours (7 Day Card). It can be activated any time during 1 year after purchase. Activation starts from the 1st visit to the attraction at the moment of electronic data scanning or manual entry. The Card is not valid without a signed start date on the reverse side which should be filled by the Card holder.

St Petersburg Card entitles the holder to a free or discounted one-time entry to museums and tours covered by the Card; discounts and special offers from partners of the scheme as stated in the guidebook and on the website. It also represents an electronic means of payment on city public transportation — the balance of transport «e-purse» can be topped-up at metro cash desks.

Free entry to museums and tours is available within the Card duration; discounts and special offers can be used even after the Card has expired, depending on the contract terms of the Partner; the transport pass is valid during 3 years after it was last topped up. Please note that the transport credit cannot be charged back according to the terms of St Petersburg Committee for Transport.

To obtain a ticket for free admission, Card holders have to present both the smart card and the guidebook to the cashier.

St Petersburg Card is strictly for individual use. Once activated, it is non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash. If the Card has been damaged, lost or stolen, a duplicate shall be issued by the Operator upon request. An administrative fee of 200 RUR shall be charged for the issue.

In the case of misuse, the Card will be blocked.

2. Disclaimer

While St Petersburg Card Operator has taken all reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of information published in the guidebook and on this website, conditions at these sites are subject to change. Therefore, it is recommended to check opening times, prices and other relevant information directly with the attraction prior to visiting.

All participants listed within St Petersburg Card scheme are contractually bound with the Operator to offer free admission or other stated benefits to the Card holders. The Operator has taken all reasonable care to ensure that only properly run and reputable attractions of good standing are included. However, the Operator shall not be held liable for any shortcomings of the service at participating locations, or if any of them refuses the stated benefits with no good cause and contrary to the terms of the contract.

The Operator provides no reimbursement for the unused services within the period of validity, neither for temporary or total cancellation of the service due to technical reasons, shall such occur at any of the attractions. The Operator shall notify Card holders of the cancellation by publishing it on the website as soon as possible.

St Petersburg Card offer does not include temporary exhibitions and is not combined with other discounts at participating locations. It also does not cover entry to some major special events held at the attractions such as Festival of Fountains in Peterhof. In such cases it is recommended to check the information concerning a particular event.

3. Prices and sales points

St Petersburg Card has a single price rate at all sales points, including the online shop. Due to the changing availability of options included in St Petersburg Card, as well as pricing policy of attractions, prices on the Card are set 2 times during a year. Low season rate applies from October, 20, to April, 19 ; high season rate applies from April, 20 to October, 19.

The Operator cannot guarantee that all sales points have all types of the Card in stock. If the customer wants to get the Card from a location other than the Operator's office, it is recommended to check this information in advance directly with the sales point.

4. Protection of personal data

By providing personal data to the Operator when making a purchase on this website, customers consent to the Operator's processing and use of this data according to the articles 3 and 15 of the Federal Law no.152 ( «On Personal Data»). The purposes of processing and use include automatic analysis of the personal data as part of a marketing research.

According to clause 5, article 21 of the above-mentioned Law, this consent may be withdrawn, if Customer Service of the Operator is notified of such a request. The Operator is committed to protecting customer privacy and shall not transfer their personal data to the third parties for any other purposes which are not part of these Terms & Conditions.

5. Copyrights

All copyrights for the text materials belong to the Operator of St Petersburg Card, «Guest Card» Ltd. No reproductions of any part of these materials may be made, unless authorised by the Operator in writing.


When you make a purchase and use St Petersburg Card, you are accepting the above terms and conditions.